Videos on Camera Mouse from YouTube

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Using Camera Mouse


"Heads Up for Camera Mouse" -- A video featuring users of Camera Mouse at Jordan Valley School in Midvale, Utah

Our original video on Camera Mouse

The following videos about Camera Mouse were made and posted by various users of Camera Mouse who are not directly connected with the project. Thank you, video makers! If you know of a YouTube video that you think should be included here please email the link to

An introductory video by Alexicom Tech


An introductory video by Taylor Freeman


Three videos by JJPeerless on spelling messages with Camera Mouse. Note that the Staggered Speech program is available for free download at and the Midas Touch program is available for free download at These videos do not have sound.





And a Video on EagleEyes

EagleEyes is an eye-controlled assistive technology we have developed at Boston College. EagleEyes is distributed by The Opportunity Foundation of America. (This video is part of the Turning Point series from BYUtv and may begin with a short advertisement.)